Thursday, March 18, 2010

i remembered my blog password.

i'm not certain whether the password is correct cos i have not logged in for ages.
work is hectic = fighting for time to sleep and rest = no time to use Internet = no time to write a post.
haha. the cycle continues till ....mid April? till the day i left the Board.
plans for 2010.
is in my mind...always.
everyday is like a war against time...
so many things to be done.

many things had happened for the past few months.
loved one had gone to heaven.
wedding affairs
planning for future
how i wish i got 30 hours per day so I can have a good sleep everyday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


happened to bump into my secondary school friend couple this evening at my place there.
Instead of happily chatting, the couple seemed to be in a shock.
Just a 2 sentence exchange, and we are off to our different way.
Thinking back..
we were like a pair of close sisters and used to hang around in jp after school.
same CCA and we will share joys and sorrow together.
We even applied for the same poly but fate seems to be playing fun of us.
Ended up in different poly studying the same course.
Distance drifting further and further.
Not that I did not ask her out..
Her reply is forever the same.
We did not meet up during that 3 yrs of poly days.
It is saddening.
When I am not willing to give up this friendship yet she is not willing to make just a lit' bit effort to meet up when we are staying around the same area.
I suppose that is life.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


gosh, I haven't blog for months! Monday to Friday work is so routine now.
Handphone rang at 7.15am
Leave house at 7.40am
Reach office at 8.30am
Lunch at 12noon
End work at 6pm
Seriously I don't feel like online-ing when I reach home. Maybe I am tired, maybe I went jogging (yes, your eyes are not playing trick on you), or dinner appointment.

I had a fruitful weekend 2 weeks back.
First is Lazy pig's buddy ROM. (so shock to see ex colleague there!)
Second is I had a stall at Tampines! (Something like Sunday morning flea market)
It is only 10 bucks for tampines residents!
Sales are surprisingly good, flooded with aunties and maids.hehe. I shall post the photos next time.

This is YUMMY! Also advertised in TV by Desmond Koh before.
Obolo @ Joo Chiat.
It provides a very relaxing atmosphere, very suitable for slacking, unwind and stuff.
Ahh...famous chicken rice at Joo Chiat. (wen tong ji)
The ultra BIG Phoenix bun which weighs at 600gm at Red star restaurant. Dim sum taste heavenly.
Lazy pig commented that I look like a student.haha.
Exercise time!
The guy who is working in the gym asked me whether am I being forced to come.
My first sport shoe from New Balance! Only 40 bucks eh!
Got to go apply for jobs liao...busy busy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i love bkk!

this is a super belated post. haha.
And I am going there again...heehee.
I love their different different flavors of LAYS.
I adore Naraya and wanted to buy everything back. Luckily Meryl is there to control me...haaha.
But still we ended up with big bags and small bags. =D
i LOVE going shopping with her, but i dont want acc her for massages. Ouch!
a satisfied me.
A MUST DO nail art. only 200 Baht. cheap cheap and cheap! they are so pro until they can chit chat, watch tv and do my nail art at the same time.
of favourite tom yam! yums
and MANGO rice. I will be back.
shopping list for the bkk trip 2010.
YEAH. i am a 幸福小女子 ^-^

Monday, August 3, 2009

2 months

It has been 2 months since I left the world's local bank.
Surprisingly, I miss it lots. :(
Not the workload and shitty cases of course.
I miss my besties, buddies, nice and friendly colleagues which sort of "beautify" the yucky place.
Maybe I miss my greeting and ending too.
"Good morning. Thank you for calling HSBC, Riko speaking. How may I address you?"
"Thank you for calling. Have a nice day. Goodbye!"
Nevertheless, the ending is always the start of a new beginning.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy 15 months anniversary my dear. Thanks for everything you did for me.muacks.
Sidenote : happy working while I am enjoying my shopping in BKK.haha. ^^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hong Kong trip Day 4

Our Macau day tour - free and easy! Price per pax : SGD50 for a round trip. The ferry ride is horrible, wanted to vomit so much but I have to "ren" for 1 and 1/2 hours. Something funny happened during our bus ride to Ruins of St Paul. I was sitting beside 1 auntie and she started talking to me. (IN CANTONESE). cute and so friendly of her, telling me which is a tourist place when the bus pass by. Though I cant speak so fluently but at least I can understand and became lazy pig's translator.haha.
The legendary "must go" place : Ruins of St Paul
Must eat!
They are well known for their egg tarts, pork bun and milk tea! Even the Korea "meteor garden"went there for filming!
Trust me, the pork bun is mouthwatering! The pork is so crispy outside yet tender and juicy inside.BEST!
"must buy" from this famous biscuits shop as gifts for friends and family.
Satisfied him.
This is definitely worth the trip.
Behind me is the Grand Lisboa.
My lazy pig trying hard to see how we need to travel to get to our next destination. We took cab sometimes cause no bus in sight and we need to catch our ferry back in the evening.
Golden Lotus flower.
Casinos are ALL over the place.
We managed to rush to our second destination : Macau Tower.
Seriously, nothing much to see.
Welcome to Macau.
The view is always so much alike with other countries like Taiwan 101, KL Twin Tower, HK the peak and Sydney tower. Just slightly different buildings and colours?
He laughed so hard at me cause I am afraid to stand on this transparent pathway. :( We are at the high up leh, what if the glass break? OK.I think too much.
The long long long bridge in Macau.
These brave ones are doing the sky walk.
Towers towers..
Interesting uh.
Our last destination : the biggest and newest Casino in Macau.Venetian Casino! They also provide free shuttle service to and fro from the ferry terminal.
Super impressive paintings and decorations.. majority are in gold colour.
Casino is link to the shopping mall, consisted of more than 300 shops.
This is ultra high tech, all touch screen and can zoom in and out.
We lost bit $$ in Casino. =(
Ta-dah! ALL my shopping stuff and presents. My luggage is only 14 kg. So proud of it.
Our so called "free" 1 night stay at Langham place due to flight delayed for 18 hours. We can each claim up to $300 from AIG. Heng lazy pig brought insurance! :)
Time to complain on Jetstar service.
Firstly, they sms us to inform us of the flight delay. (shouldn't they call instead)
Secondly, we reached the airport around 1plus pm, just to get to know they changed the timing from 3.30pm to 2.55pm.-_-.
Thirdly, when we are all queueing up for boarding, they told us to give way to another airline when it is supposed for our boarding time.grrrrrrrr..all angry customers.
Lastly, we boarded the plane at 3.30pm? (which is no change to the original time they inform us in the first place). I was fast asleep once we board the plane.
You know what, we are still at the same place after I woke up from my nap. :(
The flight got DELAY again due to their own technical problem.faint.
We finally leave HK at 5pm.Phew.
wow wow wow... view from our 21st floor. This hotel is simply so convenient, link to shopping malls and train station! Per night : HKD1050 ++
Lazy pig took this picture when I am sleeping happily, around 1plus am? When the whole of HK is flooded with heavy rain and strong wind. First tyhoon of the year has arrived.
Cute chocolate box which I brought from HK airport. They have a disney outlet there too.

BKK tomorrow! =D More photos to upload once I got the photos from lazy pig.till then.